Sanijet has developed two state-of-the-art jets featuring our patented Pipeless™ technology. The P1 Jet is ideal for most whirlpool baths, while the S1 Seal-less Jet is designed for walk-in baths and pedicure sinks.


P1 Pipeless Technology


Add Pipeless whirlpool bath technology to your lineup by featuring the jet that started the Pipeless™ revolution – the cleanest, quietest whirlpool jet in the world. This powerful spa jet has been calibrated and designed in part by hydromassage experts to produce the ideal amount of water flow to relieve sore muscles. Each jet features its own independent motor, allowing you to produce a consistent force of water that massages your muscles at key body points. Additionally, they can be independently programmed to create a variety of custom massage options.



Modeled after the original Sanijet design, these motors are engineered to work optimally in smaller spaces that require less powerful water flow, such as walk-in baths and pedicure sinks. Like their bigger siblings, these motors are incredibly easy to clean and operate quietly. All moving parts are easily removed for quick sanitation and designed for frequent commercial use.